When your Enemy Swears at You

Saint Porphyrios of KavsokalyviaI love you very much my daughter. When I see you troubled I pray a lot for you”.

I said, “I am troubled very often”.

He said, “When someone swears at you, when someone blasphemes you, you should look at their souls and you should embrace them with your prayer and with your love. When your daughter is misbehaving do not look at her angrily, act as if you are not paying attention and caress her soul with love and prayer and you will see how she calms down. Your good feelings have a good influence on others and your evil elicits evil”.

I responded, “I know this. I see that when I do not feel good about someone he feels evil towards me and when I feel good he also feels good towards me.

He said, “oh, what shall I do with you? He grabs your soul and he tortures you and darkens your life”.

From the book ” Miraculous Occurences and Counsels of Elder Porphyrios


Πληροφορίες γιὰ τοὺς τίτλους τῶν Ἐκδόσεων τοῦ Ἱεροῦ Ἡσυχαστηρίου μπορεῖτε νὰ βρεῖτε ἐδῶ