The Divine Flame Elder Porphyrios Lit in my Heart

Did the Martyrs Feel Pain?

The Elder said to me, “There was a fel­low here a little while ago who asked me if the martyrs felt pain during their torture? He was saying that God gave them pa­tience and they endured the many tortures.” “To this I responded that, as a human be­ing, one cannot stand pain. Neither could they […]

About the Medicines

“Elder, I often take medicines and I feel I am not acting right since you don’t drink even coffee.” “I’ve told you about this on another occa­sion. When the Christian surrenders himself to trust in the Lord, it calms the internal organs. The result of this action is the normal function­ing of the organs and […]

I Went to Him Mentally and Told Him….

“Nowdays my legs have a tendency to go numb and they don’t allow me to walk. I only take a few steps. I forget easily. I don’t ask God to make me well. I only ask Him to forgive my sins. I often think of you and pray for you saying the prayer for you: […]

Give Yourself to Christ

I was worried and he counseled me. “Didn’t I tell you on another occasion that when you completely open your heart to the Lord, without reservations, the Lord will enter it and make it incapable of sinning? Did you understand? You become incapable of evil. When the Lord loves us in the depths of our […]