Miraculous Occurences and Counsels of Elder Porphyrios

When your Enemy Swears at You

I love you very much my daughter. When I see you troubled I pray a lot for you”. I said, “I am troubled very often”. He said, “When someone swears at you, when someone blasphemes you, you should look at their souls and you should embrace them with your prayer and with your love. When […]

Saint Porphyrios of Kavsokalyvia

Love for the person with AIDS

At one time, I took a sick person to him who was diagnosed with AIDS. Some of my friends who knew that I was friendly with the Elder asked me to help this sick person who was extremely depressed. The AIDS victim was in really bad shape and he wanted to commit suicide. When I […]

How Saint Porphyrios stopped a bad habit when he was a child

According to his narration based on recent notes: “When I was seven years old I would say: “Go to hell.” An uncle of mine, Gregory, heard me and said to me: “You are sinning very much, Evangele. It is a very big sin to send the creations of God to hell.” I said: “What can […]

Γέρων Πορφύριος-περί μετανοιών

Advice which applies to each person differently

It is also miraculous as it is indicated in the first edition of the book which circulated in Greece[1] how different, even contradictory his response was to the same questions depending on who asked them. I cannot but bring up, finishing up this witness of mine, my experiences on certain subjects which are touched upon. […]

Saint Porphyrios of Kavsokalyvia about astrology

Saint Porphyrios of Kavsokalyvia: About Astrology

Another field of interest that always interested me and was the subject of discussion at various times with the Elder concerned those scientists and pseudo-scientists with various mystical or occult leanings as for example, astrology, the existence of UFOs, the existence of life in other parts of the universe, etc. One discussion of great interest […]

Avoid Attending Exorcisms

At this point, I would like to emphasize something familiar. There was a specific recommendation that the Elder gave me, the weak one. Once a friend of mine urged me to go to a Church where a priest was exorcizing demon possessed people. Their relatives had taken them there. During the course of the Liturgy, […]

How I was healed of temptation

I was in Athens and I was working at a kiosk. I became sick from a powerful demon because I lived far away from the life of the Church. I got involved with mediums. They hypnotized me in order to heal me. The result of this was that I got ten times worse. I quit […]

About the Prayer

He said, “And now, between 10 and 10:15 you can say the prayer. First, before 10, pray for your children and say “through the intercessions” and then you can begin: “Lord, Jesus Christ, have mercy on me”, mentally. And if different thoughts come to you, say the prayer louder so that you can hear it better: […]

Counsels and Events

He spoke to us about our faith and how Orthodoxy is the only true faith. It is like a pearl because the Elder knew all other religions. At other times he would say, “when someone does something bad to you or thinks something bad about you, you should communicate to him your goodness” and he […]